Timeless, exquisite lifecasts to cherish forever

  • Welcome to Rockabelly Lifecasts - home of body cast sculptures and bespoke gifts created by award-winning artists C.J.Munn and André Masters. At Rockabelly we pride ourselves in creating some of the most beautiful lifecast sculptures in the world - each one as unique as you are.
  • Rockabelly Lifecasts has been listed as the UK’s top body casting company several years in a row by the British public on independent review website FreeIndex, so you know that you and your loved ones are in very safe, capable and caring hands throughout the entire process - leaving not just a beautiful work of art to be cherished for generations but also some wonderful, fun and happy memories. Check out our awesome customer testimonials.
  • Even though we cater for the casting of each and every body part, some non-living objects and even live animals; sometimes the simplest of ideas are the best. From the popular baby hand and foot casts, family group casts, couple casts, pregnant belly casting, breasts and bottoms, face casts and even full bodies. You can see an ever-increasing selection in our casting galleries. We offer a foundry bronze casting service, along with cold cast metal sculptures, electroplated precious metals and beautiful lead crystal glass casts from our studio in Maidstone, Kent. Easily accessible from anywhere in the South East, (such as Hampshire, Surrey, Essex, Sussex, Hertfordshire and Middlesex), less than an hour from central London, a trip to the Rockabelly Studio makes a memorable day out. 

Whether you want a beautiful and lasting keepsake or just to have some artistic fun - Rockabelly Lifecasts is the best choice to create the most precious gift you ever give yourself or your loved ones - today's memories become tomorrow's heirlooms. All life is beautiful - cherish your best bits today!