Baby and child casting gallery

This gallery contains just a few of the many hundreds of baby and child hand and foot casts we have created over the years. You are not limited by the finishes, styles and poses you see in this gallery. Please note, for sibling hand clasps, parent or grandparent with child hand clasps or other family groups we have a separate gallery where you can see many popular examples. If you have questions or worries about the process, feel free to contact us any time, but you may find all the answers you need on our FAQ page. For a PRICE GUIDE for our most popular options please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

  • Every parent knows how precious those first few years together are, and how alarmingly quickly they pass. Before you know it, your babe-in-arms will be demanding the latest designer trainers and asking to borrow the car; so why not preserve the precious moment in time when you were the most important person in their life?
  • Each cast is unique, and yet so recognisable and dear to you. These moments in time will soon pass and be forgotten. Which one will you choose to immortalise in lasting sculpture? As wonderful as baby photos and videos always are, you cannot pick them up and turn them round in your hand to re-experience the finest detail right down to the texture of your baby's skin at that early age. 
  • Baby hand and foot casting is by far the most well known and popular form of lifecasting in the UK today, if not the world. First made popular in Britain by Queen Victoria, who commissioned casts of all her grandchildren (which can still be seen today in the V&A Museum) so that they could be re-sculpted in marble with great accuracy, baby and child hand casts represent all that is miraculous about the process of lifecasting. The ability to freeze a fleeting moment in time and capture it in stone or other materials such as resin, cold cast bronze, real bronze, solid silver, or even lead crystal glass - is beyond compare. For a comparison between different popular material finishes, click here. 
  • Of course, hand casts and foot casts aren't the exclusive right of babies, but can be done at any age. Don't worry if you think your child is too old for a casting session - there's no cut off point and no matter what the age of your children, no one ever regrets capturing those precious fingers and toes in a personal casting session. Older children, even troublesome toddlers, right up to adults - whether it be parents, aunties and uncles, or grandparents can be cast in plaster or other materials to create a wonderful single or mixed generation lifecast sculpture, or even a framed group of handprints, also knowing as impressions or imprints. Older siblings holding hands with their new baby brother or sister make the most wonderful pairing. As does the combination of old and young in a mixed generation cast - capturing not only the form of the hands, but the relationship between the models also. Younger children and babies may also have their bottoms cast, while older children may opt for a face cast to create the most incredible lifelike portrait sculpture you could ever hope for. 
  • At Rockabelly Lifecasts, we offer bespoke hand casting and foot casting for any age group, but we do not sell hand/foot casting kits. The reason for this is that we believe from our many years experience that baby hand or foot casting is actually one of the most challenging kinds of casting for a beginner to do. For the sake of a few extra pounds above the cost of a better quality kit, you can have a private hand or foot casting session where you are guaranteed great results every time. And for something as precious as a life cast sculpture of your child, that you will want to treasure for a life time, we sincerely believe it's worth that little extra to get it done properly, for a keepsake and that's built to last and that you will definitely want to keep. For further details on our reasoning, please read our blog post on the subject here


Plain white gypsum casts (freestanding):-

  • Baby hand or foot casts (0-3 months) - £150 per pair, or £275 for 4. 
  • Baby hand or foot casts (3-6 months) - £160 per pair, or £300 for 4.
  • Baby hand or foot casts (6-12 months) - £180 per pair, or £340 for 4.
  • Child hand or foot casts (1-3 years) - £200 per pair, or £360 for 4.
  • Child hand or foot casts (3-6 years) - £110 per individual cast, or £400 for 4.
  • Child hand or foot casts (6-10 years) - £125 individual per cast.
  • Child hand or foot casts (10+ years) - £150 per individual cast.
  • Baby bottom casting from £95.
For a more detailed price guide for more decorative options, including framed and mounted casts, faux metal finishes, and material upgrades in everything from coloured resin, cold cast metals, cast pewter, lead crystal glass and foundry cast bronze please CLICK HERE. For family group casts and other price lists, please click here. To purchase gift vouchers for our most popular combinations, please click here.  Or to enquire about booking or ask any questions, click the button below.