Lifecasting Price Guides

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At Rockabelly Lifecasts, we do so many different body parts in so many different poses and material finishes, that is impossible to have one simple price list. The compiled lists below will help you get an idea for the starting prices for our most popular combinations, however, for anything you don't see here, please feel free to email for an idea of cost before booking. For some of the more exotic material finishes, it is not always possible to provide a completely accurate quotation before the initial plaster cast has been made, but we are usually able to provide a ballpark figure in advance, based on previous similar casts.  For death casts, where a visit to a funeral parlour, hospice or other on site location are required, or for end of life casting in homes, hospitals or hospices, please contact us with your location and casting requirements for a quotation that includes our call out charge. Other types of casting are usually conducted at our home studio in Maidstone, Kent, by appointment. 

Before looking at prices, we recommend you visit our individual CASTING GALLERIES for ideas and inspiration.