Price Guide - Full Bodies & Larger Casts

Larger casts can be required for artistic or commercial purposes, and sometimes we will get requests just to make the moulds for such pieces, so that other artists can do their own casting or creative projects with them. Whether you want a fully finished hyper realistic body cast, a simple lightweight plaster bandage former for a creative project, a large piece of garden sculpture, or perhaps a complex piece involving more than one model, please email us in the first instance with your ideas and requirements or fill in the form at the bottom of the page which gives you a list of the sort of questions we'll need to ask you before we can quote on larger projects. The more details you can provide, the more accurate the quote will be. Please note that full body lifecasting is not something we recommend people try at home for significant safety reasons. It should be carried out by very experienced professionals working in pairs (at least) with additional assistants. For this reason, and for the intense level of finishing involved in big projects, it is not something that can or should be done on the cheap. Our FAQ is a good starting point for exploring the subject.  

Plain white gypsum casts (wall hung):-

Plaster usually isn't a suitable casting medium for full bodies or very large pieces due to its weight. However, medium-large pieces can sometimes be very carefully made and reinforced for wall-mounting up to a certain size. We can advise on the best material for your requirements.

For a wall-hung medium-large piece of similar size to the ones opposite you should budget between £1000-2500 depending on the pose. 

*Please note that some larger casts involve standing for 40-90 minutes depending on the pose, although if standing is unwise due to health problems we can cast you laying down or laying over cushions. Although most smaller poses are cast by our female lifecaster, CJ, some of the poses that cover a larger body area will require both our lifecasters to work simultaneously (one male, one female) possibly with assistants that may be either male or female. 

Custom paint finishes (on top of regular stone cast prices):-

  • Faux metallic paint finishes (antique bronze, copper, pewter, gold or combinations) - from £200-£300

  • Small area of custom intricate painted patternwork or 'tattoo-style' embellishment - from £75

  • Medium sized area of patternwork as above - from £200

  • Large area/full cast of patternwork as above - £150 per day (usually 5-10 days for larger casts)

Real metal coatings (wall-hung, on top of regular stone cast prices):-

  • A veneer of real metal (80-90% pure) over your gypsum cast, giving the luxurious look and feel of solid metal at a fraction of the price. This metal coating can be patinated like solid metal and allows you to touch the surface of your cast as much as you want to. It comes in many different options, not limited to but including:- bronze, copper, brass, nickel silver, iron, steel, aluminium, Dubai gold (bright gold coloured metal which is a mix of copper and brass), gun metal and more.

  • Prices from £1200-£2500 extra on top of your plaster casting charge.

Cold cast metals and fibreglass:-

  • Cold cast metals are real metal powders (around 75% minimum) suspended in resin. For the purposes of larger casts this compound is backed up with fibreglass and polyurethane for added strength and rigidity. This is an extremely luxurious option which retains optimum detail of skin texture, has all the radiance and beauty of a true metal, can be aged/patinated like real metal, but much lighter and easier to transport than other options. It is available in the following finishes:- bronze, copper, brass, iron and aluminium. Metal powders can even be combined to produce custom finishes in intermediate colours. Some cold cast metals are suitable for display in moist conditions and even outdoors. Cold cast metal casts require the production of a secondary 'investment mould' which can be used to
    make additional copies of your cast if so required.
  • Prices from £6000-£15,000

  • Fibreglass and resin are the most popular material for large scale and full-body lifecasts. Not only are they lightweight, durable and easy to transport and mount, but they can also be finished in a variety of ways from metal-coating, cold casting (as above), airbrushing, engraving and so forth. 
  • Prices from £4000-£12,000

Bespoke engraving of either real metal coating or cold cast metals (writing, 'tattoo-style' or patternwork). Please note, complex engravings may incur an extra charge for the time it takes to design the patternwork, along with any revisions:-

  • Small areas of engraving - £30 per hour (typical time for small area 30 minutes to 3 hours). A small additional design fee may apply depending on reference material supplied. 

  • Large areas of engraving - £150 per day (typical time for large complex engraving is 3-6 days). A small additional design fee may apply depending on reference material supplied. 

Drizzled pewter (wall-hung):-

  • This type of lifecast requires a different moulding method to other types of casting, so we need to know in advance of your appointment if this is what you require. The pewter captures the form in a rough 'volcanic' style texture without the detail of the other types of casting. It is backed up with resin/fibreglass in the colour of your choice.
  • Prices from £2500-£7000 for a medium-large piece.

Electroformed copper:-

  • Electroforming or copper encapsulation is different to regular metal plating and produces a much stronger, thicker layer of microcrystalline copper whilst retaining wonderful detail from your cast. Copper casts can be highly polished and shiny like a new penny, or patinated to resemble antique copper/bronze with varying degrees of verdigris. They are suitable for outdoor or interior display and are extremely strong and beautiful. The copper is formed over a resin armature and stainless steel fixings suitable for wall mounting (although other mounts/fixings are possible).
  • Prices from £5,000-£20,000. 

  • Please note, images here are from The Cunegonde Collection, available for sale on our fine art sister site Masters & Munn

Other options

  • Bespoke options in ABS, sand-cast steel, carbon fibre, clear acrylic, or fine art options such as our world-famous lifecast-based sculpture,'Gaia', formed of metal leaves can all be designed according to your needs. Please speak to us about your ideas and we will be happy to make them come to fruition. 

Solid bronze (wall-hung, freestanding or mounted):-

  • Real foundry bronze has an eternal appeal and holds its value for generations. It can be displayed indoors or outdoors without hesitation, and can be patinated in traditional or extraordinary ways to show everything from chestnut browns, to greens and even 'white' bronze.
  • Prices from £9000-£80,000 plus mounting/installation fees. 

Hyper-realistic full body lifecasts

Hyper-realistic full body lifecasts can be made in a variety of different ways, but the most popular we have created are silicone bodied, with a fibreglass/metal core, and individual hairs punched into the silicone skin for wonderful life-like qualities. Prices will depend on the pose, purpose, method of fixing, finish and level of detail required, but pieces similar to the ones opposite, created by our sister company All Handmade for Puma International would start at approximately £25,000 each. 

Moulds only

If you just require the initial mould to be made from which to produce your own casts, please email or phone us first to discuss your intended outcome so we can advise on the best possible mould making technique to use for your project. Prices start from £600-£1200 for simple plaster bandage moulds to more expensive alginate/plaster bandage moulds. Other kinds of moulds can be made such as silicone rubber/fibreglass from plaster or resin originals. POA.

Fill out the form below to help us give you the most accurate quotation for your full or large body casting requirements. The more detail you provide, the more accurate the quote and/or advice will be. 

Name *
Standing or sitting or other? Male or female? Full 3d body or just a section of a body?
What material would you like your cast made from? What level of detail is required?
Will you require fixings for your sculpture to keep it in place? How will it be positioned in its intended location?
Will you provide the model for this sculpture or do you wish us to help source the model? If you are providing the model, please provide a description of the model and let us know if they have any experience posing for lifecasts, any health or mobility issues, their age, height, size etc. If you require us to provide the model, please give as much detail about your requirements for the project.
Is this for a personal or commercial art piece? A student project with a deadline? A practical application? Knowing your intended outcome and any deadlines allows us to judge if we can help you or steer you towards particular options.