Welcome to Rockabelly Lifecasts, unique lifecast sculptures and bespoke gifts created by multi-award-winning artists C.J.Munn and André Masters. At Rockabelly Lifecasts we pride ourselves in creating some of the most beautiful bodycast sculptures in the world - each one as individual as you.

Rockabelly Lifecasts has been listed as the UK’s top body casting company several years in a row (as voted by the British public on independent review website FreeIndex where you can read dozens of verified testimonials from delighted clients). Or you can visit our own testimonials page to see just a few of the many thank you letters and emails we have received over the years and know that you and your loved ones are in very safe, capable and caring hands throughout the entire process - leaving not just a beautiful work of art to be cherished for generations but also some wonderful, fun and happy memories. 

Even though we cater for the casting of each and every body part, some non-living objects and even live animals; sometimes the simplest of ideas are the best. The ever-popular baby hand and foot casts keep us very busy. You can see an ever-increasing selection in our casting galleries. We can now offer a bronze baby hand and foot casting service, along with cold cast resin metal casts, and beautiful glass casts from our studio in Maidstone, Kent. Easily accessible from anywhere in the South East, (such as Hampshire, Surrey, Essex, Sussex, Hertfordshire and Middlesex), less than an hour from central London, a trip to the Rockabelly Studio makes a fantastic day out. 



With over four decades collective experience in the field of lifecasting in general, we are particularly renowned worldwide in the art of pregnant belly casts, sometimes known as pregnant bellymasking or prenatal casts. Plain or decorated, they make the most wonderful way of celebrating your beautiful pregnant form in art and can be part of a blessingway celebration, a baby shower party or even just something to do with your partner or with friends for fun.

Life casts make unique and unusual gifts for almost any occasion - bridal or lovers' hand casts for weddings, engagement presents, anniversaries or Valentine's Days; baby hand, feet or bottom casts to celebrate a birth or christening; your favourite body part 'frozen in time' for a special birthday, Christmas present, or even just to say 'I love this bit'.

We also offer therapeutic casting - when women are about to undergo a mastectomy or, in fact, any body changing operation for either sex - to commemorate the ‘old’ body, or after their operation - to learn to accept the new. We can sometimes arrange sessions in hospitals or your home when you are too sick to travel to us. We have, on several occasions, cast terminally ill clients together with other family members, which can be a beautiful and infinitely precious way to celebrate the closeness between loved ones in the more difficult times ahead. We have cast the bodies of women suffering from eating disorders and body dysmorphia for the Channel4 TV show 'Supersize vs Superskinny' to help them gain a different perspective of their bodies than the one they see in the mirror and help aid their recovery.

For those who would like to learn how to safely create their own lifecast sculptures we offer a range of basic DIY kits suitable for people who have never done bodycasting before and may have no particular artistic experience. On occasion we also run short courses in lifecasting for beginners, and group workshops for pregnant women, couples and our world famous female genital casting workshops.

Rockabelly Lifecasts is now home to not just one but two of Europe's most experienced and artistic lifecasters, CJ Munn and André Masters, who met through their shared love of this art form and fell in love.  Between them they hold many coveted awards for lifecasting, sculpture, painting, design and customer service and have exhibited in some of Europe's most prestigious galleries. Their work has been featured in the press on numerous occasions and they have appeared as guest experts in their field of bodycasting on many television shows including 'Supersize vs Superskinny' (Channel4), 'This Morning' (ITV), 'Meridian News' (ITV), BBC News, 'The Richard and Judy Show' (Five Live), 'How to Have Sex After Marriage' (Ch5/Fiver), 'Say No to the Knife' (BBC3), Sky Arts' 'Objects of Desire', 'Show Me the Monet' (BBC2) and in much coverage of the BBC 2010 Chelsea Flower Show where they exhibited nine bespoke copper full body lifecast sculptures in Thomas Hoblyn's medal-winning Foreign and Colonial Garden. You can see more examples of CJ and André's fine art life sculptures that are for sale on their sister site Masters & Munn and read about forthcoming exhibitions and other exciting achievements. 

From pregnancy casting, to family casting, to erotic casting to tasteful memorial casts or fine art bodycasting - Rockabelly Lifecasts is the best choice to create the most precious gift you ever give yourself or your loved ones - today's memories become tomorrow's heirlooms. All life is beautiful - cherish your best bits today!