Gallery of Pregnant Belly Casts

This gallery contains just a small portion of the many hundreds of pregnant belly (pre-natal bump) casts we have created over the years.  For a general price guide of our most popular options, please scroll to the button at the bottom of the page. If you are buying a belly casting session as a gift and want to save time, take a look at our gift packages for pregnant women in plain white or luxury finish options. Please note that you are not limited by the finishes, styles and poses you see in this gallery. Our aim is to create your dream belly cast that is perfect for you, your family and the home in which the belly cast will be displayed, so feel free to come to us with your ideas. 

What could be a more magical keepsake of the miraculous nine months you carry your baby inside you? Pregnant belly casts fascinate adults and children alike - whether you choose to hang yours proudly on the wall, or use it as a fruit bowl or more discrete ornament. Your belly cast will be a lasting reminder of how your body changed - far more than any photograph or video ever could do. Keep it plain, natural and simple; decorate it yourself or commission a personalised decoration - from mural to mosaic, decoupage to metallic - Rockabelly Lifecasts can do it all!

Pregnant belly casting, 'bump casting' or traditional 'bellymasking' is the art of capturing the pregnant form in plaster or other materials and at Rockabelly Lifecasts we have the benefit of four decades of collective experience specialising in pregnant bump casting and can make you the most beautiful and personal sculpture to celebrate your fertility and pregnancy and help you remember that incredible time of your life. For a comparison between different popular material finishes, click here. 

We can now also offer a bronzing and cold cast bronzing service to turn your unique pre-natal sculpture into a truly classic work of art, suitable for display indoors or outdoors for many generations. If you fancy challenging us to even more exotic materials such as leather, pewter or clay, please get in touch as we are always willing to try new ideas to give you the belly cast of your dreams.

The process is very safe, gentle and fun. For more information about what to expect when you book an appointment, please visit the FAQ page or feel free to call or email us with your questions. We can design a cast that reflects your personality and style in a way that is completely personal to you. For a PRICE GUIDE of our most popular poses and finishes, please click below.