Gift Shop: DIY Casting Kits

If you live too far to visit us for a professional casting session and want to try some (beginner level) lifecasting in the privacy of your own home, our casting kits are the cream of the crop - using only professional grade materials, with simple and thorough illustrated instructions to guide you through the process safely. We only sell kits that we know even absolute beginners can get good results from safely, which is why you won't see any hand casting kits here. For examples of the sort of things you can make with DIY kits and a few readily available craft supplies to decorate them, click HERE. For more details on why we think certain types of casting aren't suited to kits and are better off left to the professionals, please read our blog post on this subject. 

Kits are normally dispatched within a week of purchase, however urgent orders can often be arranged on request. To read our Terms & Conditions related to kit sales, including delivery and returns information, please click HERE. 

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