DIY Casting Kits - Gallery

Throughout our website, we've talked about how there's quite a difference between the type of casting you can safely and successfully do at home with a DIY casting kit and the type of casting we offer in a professional appointment. So we thought it would be great to show you what you CAN do with kits bought from our webshop. Please note, the decorative finishes shown here are not included in the kits themselves (which provide you with a plain white cast, ready to decorate), however, with most of our kits we do include many suggestions and examples of ways you can decorate your kit cast using readily available craft supplies and a little effort. Please feel free to send us in your own DIY casting kit results to be included in this gallery. We are always happy to give you help and advice on how to smooth, hang, decorate and seal your casts above and beyond the extensive advice contained within your kit instructions. We also offer a professional 'upgrade' service - to enhance the beauty and longevity of any cast you have made yourself or with a DIY casting kit of any kind but may not feel confident enough to finish yourself. 

(Please note, as some of the photos below are 'home pics', they may be low resolution or out of focus compared to our usual galleries).