Facial portraits, head casting and more!

This gallery contains just a small portion of the many portrait busts (head casts), face casts and facial feature casts we have created over the years. You are not limited by the finishes, styles and poses you see in this gallery. We offer luxury gift packages and gift vouchers for those wishing to give this experience as a gift. If you can't find all the information you need here or or our extensive FAQ page then do contact us with your ideas or any questions you may have, and we can immortalise you or a loved one in bespoke lifecast sculpture. For a general PRICE GUIDE of our most popular poses and finishes, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

  • What price can be put on the smile of the person you love - to hang it on the wall or keep it in a treasure box? The cheeky expression of your older children, right up to the friendly, crinkled brow of your favourite grandparent can be recorded in lifecast sculpture in a way that photographs or videos just don't come close to matching.
  • Even the texture of a person's skin can be captured to caress forever more; their mannerisms, the essence of their personality can shine through the stone, or whatever material you choose to have your cast made in (such as bronze or glass). Left plain, or decorated ornately to suit your personality, these casts are like nothing else you'll ever do...or ever own. For a comparison between different popular material finishes, click here. 
  • Stripped of colouring, people suddenly see resemblances to relatives and loved ones they never believed they looked like before. Family resemblances spanning generations can bring many unexpected emotions to the surface of our castees. Whether you are about to embark on a much longed-for nose job or just want to record your face at a particular time of life, you will never regret nor forget this experience.
  • The art of face casting is one of the earliest forms of portraiture - a technique that has been passed down through millennia and many cultures from the ancient Egyptian death masks to modern day characterful portrait busts. A face cast can take many forms - an expressionless mask in repose, a cheeky smile or funny face pulled just at the moment the casting gel sets, a half face portrait, a smaller area such as mouth/lips, nose or eye area. Lifecast faces can be turned into more lasting resin forms for mask makers to work their leather or cloth over. Or used as a base for building prosthetic additions such as rubber masks, false noses, horns, wrinkles, scars that are very popular in Cosplay.
  • Face casts can be made for fun, to record a proud or romantic moment, to capture the chubby cheeks of youth, or your 'old' face just before surgery, or to connect with your past, your family. Face casts can be therapeutic like with all forms of lifecasting. As long as there is trust between the artist and model, the process is not the least bit scary or uncomfortable and can even be enjoyable. Plaster cast faces are perfect for indoor display along with many other materials we can cast in such as solid silver, bronze, or cold cast metals. Ceramic, bronze or clay lifecasts can be displayed outside as well - making a wonderful and unique piece of garden sculpture


Plain white gypsum casts:-

  • Kiss/lip casts - from £30 (studio appointment) or £19.95 for a mail order DIY casting kits from our webshop

  • Face cast (wall-hung) -  £225

  • Face cast (block mounted) -  £350

  • Extended cast (finishing behind ears/some of hairline) - £350

  • Full head (finishing at tops of shoulders) - £795

  • Kissing face casts for two half faces with single hand. from £600

For a more detailed price list describing other poses, display options, decorative options and material upgrades such as cold cast metals, electroformed precious metals, glass, pewter, foundry cast bronze and more, please CLICK HERE. For gift vouchers for our most popular options, click here. To book or ask any questions you may have, please click the button below.