Romantic Casting Gallery

This gallery contains just a few of the many hundreds of romantic casts we have created over the years for happy couples at every stage of their relationship - from first love and Valentine's gifts to engagement, marriage and many happy anniversaries. You are not limited by the finishes, styles and poses you see in this gallery. We also have many other galleries for couple casts with a more erotic or intimate nature. If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact at any time, or you may find the answer you're looking for on our FAQ page. For a PRICE GUIDE to our most popular options please scroll down to the bottom of this page. We also offer luxury gift packages and gift vouchers for those giving this service as a present.

  • We all want love to last forever, so what could make a more perfect and romantic gift for the one you love than a lifecast sculpture, capturing in exquisite detail a moment in your own history? Whether to mark your wedding, a special birthday, or simply to make an unforgettable gesture of love; a Rockabelly lifecast of you and your beloved will turn a precious moment in time into an heirloom they will always cherish.
  • Casts are such fun to do with someone you love, and there is usually no need to remove your jewellery. Your rings can often be safely cast along with you, making your finished sculpture even more personal to you and your loved ones. Strangely, when you're nuts about someone, even the act of dunking your hands in goo together can seem incredibly romantic and memorable, albeit an unusual experience.
  • The smallest casts can make the biggest impact. Even your kiss can be cast and light enough to be posted to a loved one far away. Our beautiful kiss casts have been commissioned by everyone from military wives to send to husbands on the front line right through to A-list Hollywood stars parted from their sweethearts while filming abroad. Nothing could be more romantic than to give someone a little bit of you that they can hold and caress in your absence. Everyone has a favourite body part, and nothing makes a more special anniversary or Valentine's gift than a bodycast sculpture. To have a part of yourself immortalised in plaster, resin, pewter, glass, bronze, even silver or the most loving gift you could give a partner or lover who so cherishes you. For a special wedding event or even for the world's most perfect and unusual cake topper you could have your hands cast - bride and groom, hand in hand, even the detail of your rings - that beautiful moment captured for all time. If you can't wait to get married to give such a present, any other romantic occasion from an engagement to Christmas, to a birthday will do. Or just a random day of the year to show the one you love that you want to be with them for ever.
  • If your favourite part is your lover's lips, you can cast their kiss using one of our DIY kiss casting kits, or by appointment at our lifecasting studio. These kiss casts can be left plain, coloured with an expert paint and wax finish, or posted back to us to be recast in a luxurious material for a truly long lasting special kiss. But you are not limited to hand casts, or kiss casts if you come to our studio for a romantic day out. Any part of the body can be romantic to those who love us - the curve of someone's earlobe, a cluster of toes, your lover's smile, their cute little belly button or even their nose! Our lifecasts are as beautiful as the most beautiful parts of you - capturing something of the personality as well as the body. Whether your love is cheeky, devoted, longing, coy, joyous, or simply everlasting - we can make a cast to honour those feelings. Have your kiss cast in bronze, or your hands in the most beautiful glass crystal - for any anniversary, engagement, wedding or other romantic occasion, there is no better expression of lasting love. Read some of our testimonials to help you make up your mind before you book. For a comparison between different popular material finishes, click here.  The most common reaction to one of our life cast sculptures, no matter what the body part, is happy tears and massive grins - the gift they will never ever expect, but always always remember and treasure.  


  • Couple handclasps from £250 (capped at wrist)
  • Handclasps with lower arm included from £500 (freestanding)
  • Kiss/lip casts from £30 for a studio casting or purchase a safe and easy to use DIY mail order kit for £19.95 from our web shop. 
  • Kissing couple face casts from £600 
  • Dual/entwined torso casts from £1200-£2000
For a more detailed price guide for decorative and mounted options, or for material upgrades in resins, cold cast metals, electroplated precious metals, lead crystal glass or foundry bronze please CLICK HERE. To purchase gift vouchers for our most popular combinations, please click here.  Or to enquire about booking or ask any questions, click the button below.