Backs & Bottoms Casting Gallery

This gallery contains just a few of the many hundreds of back and bottom casts we have created over the years for men and women. You are not limited by the finishes, styles and poses you see in this gallery. We offer luxury gift packages and gift vouchers if you would like to give this experience as a gift. Contact us with your ideas or any questions you may have, and we will transform your assets into a work of art worthy of any wall. For a price guide for our most popular poses and finishes please scroll down to the button at the bottom of the page.

  • What could be more perfect than the natural, feminine curves of a woman or the firm rumptasticness of a man's pert buttocks?  Next to torsos, these are our most popular casts and generally given as a special gift for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or just to celebrate the delightful bumptious peachy wobbliness of one of our favourite body parts.  Your lover will instantly recognise your intimate form, but your finished life cast sculpture will be of such fine quality that anyone visiting your house will probably never realise it wasn't purchased from an art gallery unless you choose to tell them you were the model.
  • Immortalise your favourite butt in piece of lifecast sculpture and you can admire them or pat them any time you like. Whether in simple, white gypsum plaster, intricately decorated, cold cast metals or solid bronze, this is one bodycast gift certain to bring a smile to the recipient's face for many years. This is a gift they will NEVER be expecting, but once given, will NEVER be forgotten.
  • Our beautiful hand-painted bottoms hit the national headlines in recent years, as CJ Munn's unique fine art lifecast 'Wearing William' (shown above in our gallery) was selected from thousands of works of art to be included in series one of the BBC's 'Show me the Monet' flagship arts program, and was voted into the final to be exhibited at the Henry Moore Gallery in the Royal College of Art along with 34 other artists chosen by the art critic judges as some of the most exciting new talent in British art. More photos of this gorgeous hand-painted life sculpture of the male form, sporting a pattern inspired by William Morris wallpaper designs can be found on the Masters & Munn website along with other fine art examples in the Morris-inspired collection. 
  • Whether plain or fancy, or something a little cheeky, you can be sure of a fabulous service, that's fun, memorable, safe and professional. With our female lifecaster CJ on hand to cast female clients and babies, and André, our male lifecaster available for male clients, we will make sure you feel comfortable and confident in the process and talk you through every stage so you know what to expect from this somewhat strange and unusual activity. We always aim to make the casting session as memorable as the art itself, so you always have a story to tell to go with your personal sculpture. Check out our FAQ to find out more about it, or contact us directly with your questions. For a comparison between different popular material finishes, click here.  For a price guide to our most popular poses and finishes, please click the button below.