Breasts and Torso Casts

This gallery contains just a few of the hundreds of breast, chest, tummy and torso casts we have created over the years for men and women at every stage of life. You are not limited by the finishes, styles and poses you see in this gallery. Please note, for pregnant belly casts we have a separate gallery.  For clients seeking pre-mastectomy lifecasts or pre-surgery casting advice please see our Pre-Mastectomy and Pre-Surgery galleries.  For a general PRICE GUIDE for our most popular pose and finish options, please scroll down to the bottom of the page. We also offer luxury gift packages and gift vouchers if you wish to give this experience as a present.

  • The most popular of our all casting options are our beautiful lifecast torsos. Very often given as a lover's gift for a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday or just to honour a lifetime of love - for another or for oneself, these body casts have been known to bring happy tears to a man's eyes, or pride and acceptance to a woman who previously judged herself too harshly.  
  • Torso casts can be used therapeutically to record a body before a life-changing operation, or to celebrate a new body after cosmetic surgery such as a breast lift or reduction. Great as a motivation for a diet and health plan - lifecasts make the most wonderful reward for all that hard work getting into shape. They can equally help us learn to love ourselves just as we are, accepting and embracing our wonderful womanly, wobbly bits. We have also cast ladies undergoing mastectomy operations before and after their operations. Body casting can be therapeutic in so many ways, as well as great fun, memorable and romantic. You may have seen CJ and her partner André on television on Channel 4's 'Supersize vs Superskinny' show casting three ladies each suffering from different eating disorders, to help them get a clearer perspective of their real shape and aid them in their recovery or perhaps seen André casting an aspiring glamour model on 'Say No to the Knife', where she was persuaded not to go through with an intended breast enlargement after seeing her 3d cast and realising she was perfect as she was. For more details about therapeutic casting, please see our Sensitive Subjects Gallery
  • Male torsos can look just as gorgeous as the female body, and although we're best known for our female lifecasts with intricate and feminine hand painted or hand engraved designs, we're more than happy to design tattoos (perhaps more daring and outrageous than you'd choose for your real body) or other designs for subtle or bolder embellishments to suit the male frame. You might want to record yourself in the peak of fitness before competing for a bodybuilding, Freeletics or Crossfit event, or create a really personal gift for your bride-to-be. André, our male lifecaster, is available to cast male clients and CJ tends to cast the women, but it's often a matter of personal preference, and larger or more challenging creations will sometimes require both lifecasters to work together. 
  • Of course, body casts look exquisite left absolutely natural in pure white, showing every detail right down to your goose pimples. For those who prefer a little less detail, the casts can be smoothed to a marble-like or semi-smoothed finish, capturing just your shape and the more important details such as nipples and navel. Now we can even offer you a foundry bronze casting service - reproducing your plaster body or breast cast in real bronze sculpture or cold cast bronze, aluminium, copper, brass or iron if you prefer. We also offer a range of cutting age real metal coatings that can also be engraved with personal motifs or even words. No other gift could be as romantic or sensual. For a comparison between different popular material finishes, click here. 


Plain white gypsum casts (wall hung):-

Note: For nipple casting prices, please see our Erotic Casting Prices

  • Single breast with part of chest/belly area - £285
  • Upper torso only (just underneath breasts to around collar bone or asymmetric variations)  - £350
  • Full torso (collar bone to a few inches below the navel)   - £425
  • Full torso with hands placed on body - £650
  • Full torso with hands/partial arms - £850
  • Full torso with full arms - £1200
  • Extended lower torso (collar bone to upper thighs) - £700
  • Extended upper torso (shoulders down to a few inches below the navel) and shoulders - £500
  • Extended torso (from shoulders down to upper thighs (no hands/arms) - £800

For a more detailed price guide to decorative casts, including hand-painted, engraved, cold cast metal, pewter, bronze and more, please CLICK HERE.  To purchase gift vouchers for our most popular combinations, please click here.  Or to enquire about booking or ask any questions, click the button below. 

Budget Options

If our studio casting prices are outside of your budget, and paying by instalments isn't an option for you, you might want to consider our mail order DIY casting kits. Our budget Brilliant Boobs Casting Kit is fun to do at home with a partner or friend assisting. It won't give you the beautiful detail of our studio casts as it uses a completely different and simpler, safe and fun casting technique suitable for absolute beginners, but you can still produce a lovely cast of your basic breast shape which can be smoothed and decorated nicely if you follow the instructions.   We also offer a high definition nipple 'Magnips' casting kit, which is also suitable for absolute beginners and makes a great novelty gift either in kit form or the finished nipple casts which can also be turned into fridge magnets.