Sensitive Subjects Gallery - Therapeutic and Memorial Casting

At Rockabelly Lifecasts, we have, for many years, recognised the therapeutic and healing nature of certain aspects of our work. There are certainly times in almost everyone's life that can be so incredibly painful or difficult that many people steer away from them in conversation, making it very hard for those suffering to release the pain or stress they've got locked up inside. We believe that since we have the enormous honour of sharing and celebrating the many happy occasions in people's lives such as births and marriages, that it is only right and fitting that we also honour the harder or sadder times, and find ways to help people in need if we are in any way able to. Even if it's just to give a voice to those who have felt isolated with their pain, or a means of honouring something incredibly difficult in a beautiful, respectful and positive way that helps a person shift their perspective and take a step forward on their individual journey of healing or growth.

Over the years, many clients have expressed how difficult it was to find such services using search engines, so we have created this new section of our website to let people know that such things do exist and we will help or advise whenever we can. Please click on the links below for further information. Although it is not always appropriate to display photographs for all of these areas of our work, we have included some examples where available, which we are honoured now to share with you where possible.