Pre and post operative casting

Celebratory cast after successful double mastectomy operation and complete breast/nipple reconstruction. 

In addition to pre and post mastectomy casts, we have also helped many other clients with special creations to assist in preparation for or commemorate other important operations/surgeries.  One of the most popular requests is to work with clients who are about to undergo rhinoplasty (otherwise known as a 'nose job'). The first time we were asked to do this was by a BBC radio presenter whose 'broadcast voice' was being affected by a collapsing septum and had opted for rhinoplasty as a means of re-opening her airways and speaking clearly once again. She had lived all her life with a prominent nose with a arch or bump to it and decided that while she was having the operation for medical reasons, she would have a little cosmetic refinement to remove the bump as well. She asked us to cast her nose before and after, the results of which you can see here, as she was sentimental about her 'old nose' - being a family trait - and wanted to have some record of it for posterity. The surgeon who operated on her was retiring that year and she asked us to make him a set as a retirement present!  

Other clients have come to us before surgery to have their whole face cast, and asked us to 'sculpt' them a new nose directly onto the face cast as a tool of reference to take with them to consultations with surgeons - showing them what their ideal nose would look like and asking what is and isn't possible with surgery. We've even been asked to cast a client's leg before they elected to have it surgically removed, just as a way of 'honouring the leg'.   And of course, many women like to come and celebrate their new bodies post-surgery with new-found confidence after a breast enlargement or reduction surgery.  

                                                                    Before and after rhinoplasty.

At Rockabelly Lifecasts, we are not judgemental about what people choose to do with their own bodies but we have found that following several of our casting sessions, some clients have occasionally opted out of planned cosmetic surgeries because in having seen their lifecast sculpture they have realised they are beautiful just the way they are. Many women have remarked on not realising just how large their breasts were until seeing them in full 3d (a very different experience to looking in a mirror or staring at photographs of oneself) and they've gone away from the casting experience with renewed self-acceptance and confidence.  André was featured on BBC3 tv show 'Say No to the Knife' working with a glamour model who had her heart set on a breast enlargement until she saw her stunning lifecast in cold cast bronze and realised she was already fabulous. But whatever you decide is a very personal decision and we are merely here to capture your form and ideas and express both in beautiful, personal art - certainly not to influence your decision. Whether you are thinking about a surgery, have made up your mind, have no choice in the matter due to medical necessity, or want to feel good about your body the other side of surgery, please feel free to talk to us about creating a piece of bespoke lasting sculpture for you. We are happy to help in any way we can. Please email to discuss your requirements and we will send you a quote for the most suitable options for your situation.