Pre-mastectomy Gallery

When someone receives the dreadful news that they've got breast cancer, there is often only a matter of days to try to process everything that's happening and about to happen before a mastectomy operation needs to take place. The days leading up to such an event are often filled with pre-op tests and hospital visits, the difficulty and pain of telling loved ones the news, along with a great deal of personal soul-searching and, of course, worry. Over the years, Rockabelly Lifecasts have worked with many women during this incredibly challenging time of life. We've seen our clients face this dreadful disease head-on, battle it with everything they have and come out the other side stronger, healthier and even happier. However, through these collaborations we have come to understand how chaotic and panicked many women feel in the days leading up to their operation when their heads may be swimming with questions and fear of the unknown. At this crucial time, many have reached out to us for a pre-surgery breast or torso cast, often at very short notice and expressed to us time and again how empowering and comforting it felt to do something positive just for themselves at a time when they felt pulled from pillar to post and somewhat out of control in other parts of their life. Although everyone is different, and what may help one person deal with life's challenges is not everyone's cup of tea, we are honoured to have even been a very tiny part of anyone's coping strategy or healing process.  For a PRICE GUIDE please scroll to the bottom of this page. 

  • Some women choose to have breast casts made to 'preserve' their pre-op figure in art. For some women, it's about creating a piece of art that expresses how much they love their bodies, almost as a way of saying 'thank you' to their own form. For others, they would simply like a record of their breast or breasts as a reference for any future reconstructive surgery. And for a few women, it can be a defiant gesture of positivity in the face of the negativity and fear surrounding cancer to create something new, bold and beautiful for their homes. Your reason may be one or all of these. It may be none of these reasons or you may not even understand the reasoning - but if you would like a pre-mastectomy cast of your breasts or whole torso then we will do everything we can to fit you in, even at very short notice.
  • We understand that your availability may be extremely limited, and will do what we can to shuffle our days around if at all possible to fit you in for a casting session. However, in the event that either we are unavailable or you are unable to travel to us we will either try and match you up with another lifecaster in your area (if there is one) or sometimes as a compromise women are able to use one of our casting kits to make a cast in the privacy of their own home and the help of a partner or friend. Please note, the breast casting kits we sell are low-definition kits for beginners and not the same kind of casting as shown in our breast casting galleries, however you can still capture your form with them (without the detail of skin texture) and make a lovely piece of sculpture from them with a bit of effort. We also offer a finishing service for clients who have taken a basic low-definition cast with a kit but are unable to smooth, refine and finish the piece themselves. Please see our 'additional services' page for further information. 
  • Please note, we also offer a post-operative casting service, to create beautiful, sensual and feminine works of art from our clients' 'new' figures - which can help with acceptance of the changes to your body that have been thrust upon you by circumstance. Please feel free to call or email with any questions you may have or to enquire about bookings.


Our  prices for these casts are the same for all breast/torso casts if you can travel to our studio. However, we do understand that when you have to take a lot of time from work, or stop work completely while you recover, that finances can be restrictive. We aim to be as flexible as possible with our payment terms and clients are able to pay in instalments over a longer period of time than normal, in order to facilitate unrestricted access to this service. 

Plain white gypsum casts (wall hung):-

Note: For nipple casting prices, please see our Erotic Casting Prices

  • Single breast with part of chest/belly area - £285
  • Upper torso only (just underneath breasts to around collar bone or asymmetric variations)  - £350
  • Full torso (collar bone to a few inches below the navel)   - £425
  • Full torso with hands placed on body - £650
  • Full torso with hands/partial arms - £850
  • Full torso with full arms - £1200
  • Extended lower torso (collar bone to upper thighs) - £700
  • Extended upper torso (shoulders down to a few inches below the navel) and shoulders - £500
  • Extended torso (from shoulders down to upper thighs (no hands/arms) - £800

For more poses, including mounts and decorative finishes and material upgrades such as drizzled pewter, cold cast metals, real metal veneers or foundry bronze casts please see our more detailed price guide here. 

DIY mail order 'Brilliant Boobs' casting kit available from our webshop. Please note, as mentioned above, this is not the same kind of casting as we offer in private studio appointments and will not give you the detail of skin texture, only the rough shape of the breasts. But it is a good compromise for those who cannot travel to us or who are on a restricted budget. 'Magnips' high definition nipple casting kits are available on the same page.