Price Guide - Intimate and Erotic Casts

The prices listed on this page are an approximate guide to some of our most popular options, as every single lifecast is utterly unique and tailored to you - varying in pose, size, shape, material and finish. Please note that you are not at all limited to what is described here or that you see in our galleries. We do allow our customers to pay for their casts in instalments with no added interest, so long as the final payment is made on or before collection. Overwhelmed by the choices below? Why not check out our erotic casting gallery for inspiration or pop to our webshop and purchase one of our gift vouchers - the perfect present for the one you love. For further information regarding the nature of intimate casting sessions please see our FAQ page. For a comparison between different popular material finishes, click here. 

Clitoris casts :-

  • Plain white gypsum casts in a gift pouch - £30
  • Painted gypsym (flesh tones, bright colours or faux metal finish) in a gift pouch - £35
  • Clear resin - £75
  • Cold cast metals (bronze, copper, iron, aluminium, brass) - £75
  • Solid pewter cast in gift pouch - £75
  • Solid pewter cast pendant with leather neck thong or velvet ribbon choker - £125
  • Solid bronze (antique patina) in a gift pouch - £95
  • Solid bronze (highly polished) in a gift pouch - £100
  • Bronze cast pendant with leather neck thong or velvet ribbon choker £150
  • Clitoris cast in Rockabelly's signature handmade walnut shell box -
    Any of the above pricing options plus £100
  • Other materials available on request.

Female genital casting

Plain white female genital cast (immediate bikini area), generally wall-mounted or table top. 

  • Tear or petal shape - £150
  • More angular cuts such as triangles, squares, hearts - £230
  • 'Butterfly' cut - larger area including some inner thigh - £300
  • Upright, table top, tall pyramid wedge cut including section of thigh, belly and navel - £600
  • Square-cut genital cast in a wooden frame - £275
  • Genital area with hands included - from £385
  • Faux metal paint finishes of the above - from £40-£80 on top of usual fee
  • Real metal veneer on above (bronze, copper, brass, iron, aluminium, steel, gun metal, Dubai Gold (golden coloured mixture of brass/copper), nickel silver - from £225 on top of usual casting fee.
  • Cold cast metals (bronze, copper, brass, aluminium, iron) - from £600-£2000 depending on pose, cut and choice of metal.
  • Clear resin - from £600-£2000
  • Glass copies - from £1200-£4000
  • Solid bronze - from £900-£5000
  • Solid bronze (polished) - from £1000-£5500. 

Replica piercings/jewellery can be added in, if provided, at a charge of £20 per item of jewellery. 

  • Bespoke hand-painted and decorated female genital casts - 
    All bespoke decorations are individually priced but average
    costs all-in including casting (gypsum), decoration and gift
    box are usually in the range of £250-£400.

Options include paintwork, added real gemstones, faux gems, real pearls,
faux pearls, feathers, pom poms, tassles, trims. With metal coated or cold
cast metal casts the piece can also be hand-engraved with patterns or
tattoo-like embellishments. Contact us with your ideas for a more accurate idea of cost. 

Decoration of Male Genital Casts

For reasons explained in our FAQ, we no longer offer a male genital casting service unless as part of a much larger cast of an entire torso or full body. However, we are happy to decorate male genital casts that you have made yourself with DIY kits or other methods using the same high standards and professionalism that we do with our female genital casts. We can also re-cast your plaster originals in more exotic materials such as cold cast metals, clear and coloured resins, glass, or bronze. We can also arrange mounts, boxes or frames to suit the piece and your budget. This service starts from £200 and rises according to material cost and time involved. You can use the price ranges for female genitalia as a rough guide for costs, but please apply for an individual quote before booking your penis cast in for an 'upgrade'. 

Nipple casts

  • White gypsum (with magnet or baise on back) in gift pouch - £30
  • Painted nipple cast (metallic, coloured or flesh tone) in gift pouch - £35
  • Metal veneer over gypsum in gift pouch - £75
  • Cold cast metal (bronze, copper, brass, aluminium, iron) - £85
  • Clear resin - £90
  • Solid pewter - £150
  • Solid bronze - £150
  • Polished bronze - £150
  • Nipple cast brooch - POA, dependent on size and chosen material. 
  • Other options - POA.
  • Magnips - DIY nipple casting kit. £19.95 including UK P&P. 

Larger Erotic Casts

For breasts/torso casts, click here for the gallery and click here for prices

For bum/back casts, click here for the gallery and click here for the prices. 

For larger, more unusual large casts, please email us in the first instance with your ideas so that we can provide you with a quotation for your bespoke erotic cast. 

Cosplay and Wearable Art

These pieces are completely bespoke, built from lifecasts of your body in a range of materials from ABS and carbon fibre through to cold cast metals, even real gold. As such prices can only be confirmed after we know all the details of your requirements. The only limits are imagination and, of course, budget. As a starting point, most bespoke wearable pieces cost several thousand pounds to make, although there are some exceptions. Smaller pieces, headdresses and masks can be more affordable. Email with as much information about your ideas/requirements as possible, preferably with drawings/photos if appropriate, and we will be delighted to help you.