Price Guide - Baby and child hand and foot casts (and more).

The prices listed on this page are an approximate guide to some of our most popular options, as every single lifecast is utterly unique and tailored to you - varying in pose, size, shape, material and finish. Please note that you are not at all limited to what you see in our galleries and are welcome to make requests. We do allow our customers to pay for their casts in instalments with no added interest, so long as the final payment is made on or before collection. Overwhelmed by the choices below? Why not keep things simple and purchase one of our gift packages - the perfect present for any parent or grand-parent. Please note, for sibling hand clasps, parent or grandparent and child hand clasps, or family groups please see the Family Casts Gallery and Price List. For a comparison between different popular material finishes, click here. 

Plain white gypsum casts (freestanding):-

  • Baby hand or foot casts (0-3 months) - £150 per pair, or £275 for 4. 
  • Baby hand or foot casts (3-6 months) - £160 per pair, or £300 for 4.
  • Baby hand or foot casts (6-12 months) - £180 per pair, or £340 for 4.
  • Child hand or foot casts (1-3 years) - £200 per pair, or £360 for 4.
  • Child hand or foot casts (3-6 years) - £110 per individual cast, or £400 for 4.
  • Child hand or foot casts (6-10 years) - £125 individual per cast.
  • Child hand or foot casts (10+ years) - £150 per individual cast.
  • Baby bottom casting from £95.

Discounts are available for various combinations and multiple casts ordered at the same time. For details, please email us.

Faux metal finishes (paint and wax)

Our most popular finishes are simple hand-applied paint and wax finishes to mimmic the luxury and beauty of real metal by creating layers of different shades which reflect the light and colour of your room. Affordable and beautiful, we can replicate all the most desirable metallic looks (bronze, copper, brass, pewter, steel) and can even mix and match and add in subtle hues of metallic pinks and blues to add even more depth to the gorgeous finish on your casts. We know how to enhance and show off all the beautiful details on your lifecast whilst retaining all of the character. This finish is highly recommended if you decide to have your casts mounted in a box (rebate) frame.

Freestanding casts with this coating have some protection from dirty/greasy fingerprints that can build up on plain white casts, but obviously do not give any protection against wear and tear or breakages.

Prices from £20 per cast (on top of your plaster casting fee - see below). Discounts given for multiples of four casts painted at the same time. 

Popular Display options:-

  • block cut slate plinths (plain) - from £45, (engraved) - from £60.
  • wooden plinths - from £40.
  • engraved name plaques (silver or gold coloured) - from £15.
  • perspex/acrylic floating frames - from £95.
  • bespoke framing service - from £100.

Real metal veneers over plaster

For a touch of class and luxury at a fraction of the price of real metal casts, we can provide real metal veneers over your original plaster casts. These metal options include bronze, copper, brass, nickel silver, aluminium, gun metal and steel along with special alloys like Dubai Gold (a mixture of copper and brass to create a bright gold-like finish).

These special coatings feel like real metal to the touch, and even add weight to your cast, making them almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Please note, although this coating offers some protection from handling, it will not protect the cast from dropping/breakages.

Prices from £175. 

Cold cast metals

One of our most popular options - The beauty of real metal, with the finer detail of the original plasters - cold cast metals are not simply a compromise but an astoundingly beautiful and practical choice in their own right. They can be patinated just like a pure metal because they contain around 75% pure metal powder, which is suspended in resin to enable the flow of material around the mould to give that crisp and perfect detail. Strong and resilient to damage, these casts can be handled as much as you like. Just like our pure metal and glass casts, these require the creation of an 'investment mould' taken from your original plaster cast - which means you can have further copies made - perhaps for grandparents - at a reduced rate.

Cold casting is available using the following metal options:- bronze, copper, iron, aluminium and brass. Our cold cast iron lifecasts are so full of iron powder that they have magnetic properties!

Prices start from £275 per item for iron or aluminium casts and from £295 per item for cold cast bronze, copper or brass. Discounts for multiples.

Cast aggregates and coloured resins

Just as metal powders can be mixed with resin to produce our beautiful cold cast bronzes and so forth, so can various stone powders be added to resin to create gorgeous finishes. The most popular being cast black onyx or cast white onyx (marble). The black onyx gives a very subtle sheen, and produces quite a modern, perhaps even masculine quality. The white onyx can be mixed with varying levels of white pigment to produce sculptures with a semi-translucent appearance with varying levels of subtle 'sparkle' from the crystals suspended within - akin to traditional marble sculptures. Both are extremely elegant. We can even add crushed pearl dust to your casts for added lustre.

If tradition isn't your thing, you can have intense pigments of almost any colour added to simple resin casts to create bold, modern and durable designs. Just as with the options above, to create this finish we need to make a silicone investment mould from your original plaster casts, which means further copies can be made at a significant discount from these special more durable moulds.

Prices from £200. Discounts for multiples.

Solid Pewter (free standing):-

Gorgeous solid pewter - cast here at our own studios. Heavy, luxurious, timeless. Due to the nature of this low-melt metal, it is only suitable for small or shallow casts, but most baby hands and feet can be replicated in this beautiful aged silver-coloured metal.

Prices from £350 per hand or foot (0-3 months). Discounts for multiples.

Electroformed/electroplated metals

Resin casts can be electroplated in a coating of precious and semi-precious metal, the most popular being copper which itself can then be plated in real silver or even gold. These casts are stunning to look at and handle, and retain incredible detail. For a truly luxurious and 'bling' finish, this option is something really special. 

Prices from £300 per item in copper plate, £325 in silver plate, and £350 in gold plate.

Lead crystal glass casts

Stunning lead crystal glass - made by one of the UK's finest glass artisans especially for Rockabelly Lifecasts. The incredible detail captured in this unique form is breathtaking, ethereal even.

Glass casts are surprisingly much stronger than you would imagine, and feel wonderful to hold. They can even be displayed on luminescent stands that light them up from within, casting wonderful shadows and emphasising every crease in the hand or foot.

From £375 in clear glass, from £500 per item in coloured glass.  Discounts for multiples.

Bronze (free standing):-

Real foundry bronze has an eternal appeal and holds its value for generations. It can be displayed indoors or outdoors without hesitation, and can be patinated in traditional or extraordinary ways to show everything from chestnut browns, to greens and even 'white' bronze.

Our bronzes are hand made made using a centuries-old traditional method giving a stunning lustre to the finish, as well as the uniquely satisfying, tactile quality of cool, heavy bronze that can be handled as much as you want to.  

Prices from £375 an item for a newborn baby hand or foot in traditional 'antiqued' patina or from £395 an item for highly polished bronze. Discounts for multiples. 

Other materials:-

  • Please feel free to request other materials. New material technology is making fascinating options available all the time. It is also possible to 'grow' or 'shrink' casts to create duplicates in other sizes using a variety of state-of-the-art techniques. We have worked in everything from concrete to bread and are happy to discuss your requirements. We try to offer as much choice as possible, flexible payment options and can advise on what is possible within your budget. Don't be afraid to ask - we enjoy hearing about your casting dreams and will do everything within our power to make them come true. 

If you need advice or further information, or if you feel overwhelmed by choice and just want us to help you pick the right options for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Or to make it extra easy, we've put together a small selection of gift packages that cover the most popular options for new or expectant parents.