Dance and Fitness Casting Gallery

This gallery contains just a small portion of the many dance and sport-related casts we have created over the years including our work with stars of the Royal Ballet Company, West End musicals, Premier League footballers and top performing arts groups. You are not limited by the finishes, styles and poses you see in this gallery .We offer luxury gift packages and gift vouchers for those who wish to give this experience as a gift. Contact us with your ideas or any questions you may have, and we can immortalise you or a loved one in bespoke lifecast sculpture. For a general price guide of our most popular poses and finishes, scroll down to the button at the bottom of the page.

What better way to honour your passion, vocation or hobby than with a piece of utterly unique, bespoke sculpture that captures you or a loved one in their prime, or at the top of their game? From world class dancers, film stars, pop stars, performers and athletes to yoga instructors, body builders, golfers, cyclists, footballers and horse riders we can design and make you the most incredible work of art to immortalise your prowess in art. Whether you just want to record your physique while you are at your peak, commemorate a win or achievement, or simply to express your love of dance or sport; there is no better work of art than one in which you yourself can feature in a deeply personal and expressive form. Our beautiful ballet dancer's feet casts, both with and without block pointe shoes, are so exquisite that they captured the attention of members of the Royal Ballet Company and stars of West End musicals such as 'Cats!' and 'The Lion King'. One of our sister companies, 'All Handmade', run by Rockabelly's André Masters is on hand to create bespoke wearable lifecast sculptures and more for performing artists. André has created wearable art, props and puppets for artists such as Kate Bush, Calvin Harris and UnkleJam; and regularly works with Cosplayers and burlesque acts to create bespoke costumes, armour, weaponry, masks, prosthetics and art. 

Body builders around the world are seizing the opportunity to be lifecast while they are at the best physical condition, along with tennis players, golfers, horse riders, archers, cyclists and more. Whether Premier League or local 5-a-side, you can be cast in your football boots, or holding a 'lucky ball', club or other sporting equipment. Or perhaps you would prefer a cast that is completely natural, designed to show off your toned muscles, your powerful arms, or perhaps honouring a much-loved hobby such as fishing? Whatever your passion, please get in touch with your thoughts and ideas and we will be delighted to design a sculpture that does you proud. For a price guide for our most popular finishes and poses for hands and feet, please click the button below. Or for larger pieces/other body parts, please look in the general price guide.