About the Artists

  • Rockabelly Lifecasts is run by two of the UK's most experienced and well-known lifecasters, CJ Munn and André Masters, who originally met in 2002 through their shared passion for this wonderful art form. Between them they have over 40 years experience in lifecasting and many other art forms, including traditional sculpture, painting, model making, engraving, metalwork, graphic design, mosaic, silversmithing, engineering, mould making, leather work and much much more. As such they offer more choice of material and surface finishes for body casts than any other company in the UK, possibly in the world. Between them they have won over a dozen awards for both their creative talents and for customer service.
  • Although, being a female artist, most clients prefer to be lifecast by CJ, André is also available for appointments with male clients, or for more advanced types of lifecasting which may involve more than one artist for optimum safety and results. Both artists bring their range of expertise to the finishing and display of your bespoke body cast sculptures so you can be sure of getting the best experience, service and outcome from your time at Rockabelly Lifecasts. At the risk of sounding 'cheesy', everything made by CJ and André is made with love, by two people who love what they do, and each other. We believe this shared passion and care shows in the artwork that you receive, and our customers agree, as you can see from the great many testimonials on independent company review website FreeIndex where Rockabelly Lifecasts  continues to be listed as the UK's favourite lifecasting company year upon year based on verifiable customer testimonials and feedback. 

CJ Munn

CJ Munn is a lifecaster, artist and writer from Kent, England. The younger daughter of artist Diane Brazier and TV cameraman David Brazier, CJ initially resisted her artistic urges and instead trained to be a television journalist at Goldsmiths College, The University of London.

For many years, she worked as a researcher, writer and producer for television companies such as the BBC, Channel 4 and Illuminations Television. It was while working at Illuminations that CJ branched out into New Media, working as conceptual designer of a number of Virtual Reality communities projects for television and the internet, including the multi-award winning 'The Mirror' project in association with BT, Microsoft, The BBC, Illuminations TV and Sony; and the ground-breaking 'Heaven and Hell' for Channel 4.

As a child, CJ had already established herself as a successful artist, winning several national competitions and having her work featured regularly in the media, including half a page dedicated to her sculpture in The Guardian newspaper and being voted one of the nations top young artists out of thousands of entries for the Cadbury's Art Prize.

It was only after taking a career break from New Media and Television to become a mum that CJ returned to her two early passions:- art and writing. CJ now works from her home studio creating unique, beautiful and deeply personal works of art which have been featured in several national and international magazines as well as on many national and international TV shows (see below). 

In 2005 CJ became the only UK artist to ever receive an International Lifecasting Award, from the Association of Lifecasters International, coming 3rd Runner Up in this world wide event. She was one of 20 winners of the Amora National Erotic Art Competition in 2007 and an exhibited finalist in the Bentliff Art Prize in 2008, as well as taking part in group shows at The Barbican and The National Theatre Auditorium, London. She has also been chosen twice as 'Artist of the Month' on Joseph Canger's website, alongside such revered names as George Segal and Philip Hitchcock. In 2011, CJ entered the BBC2 art series 'Show Me the Monet' and was selected by the judges as one of the top 35 new artistic talents in the country to exhibit in an exclusive exhibition at the Henry Moore Gallery, London. From 2015-2017 CJ was invited to serve as a board member of the Association of Lifecasters International - the only female board member and one of only three British artists to serve on the board. 

In 2009, CJ joined forces with André Masters of All Handmade, her long term collaborator and former mentor, to create nine bespoke full body exotic nude lifecasts in real copper to adorn the Foreign and Colonial showgarden at the Royal Horticultural Society's Chelsea Flower Show in association with renowned garden designer, Thomas Hoblyn. The sculptures helped the garden to win a prestigious Silver Gilt Medal from the RHS and were heavily featured in coverage by the BBC and international and national press.

Having worked so well together for a number of years on a succession of complex and challenging projects, CJ and André finally made their partnership more than 'just a work thing', and now live together in Kent, combining forces in life and work to help each other both in Rockabelly Lifecasts and its sister company 'Masters & Munn', dedicated to exclusive, extra-special fine art lifecasts, sculptures and objets d'art. CJ is, by her own admission, 'the messy one' of the couple and is most likely to be found up to her elbows in some kind of goop and singing songs from 'The Sound of Music' or 'Frozen' to distract and entertain visiting children. 

As well as making her lifecasts, CJ sculpts, paints, engraves, makes mosaics, illustrates and writes children's stories as well as an inappropriately comedic blog for adults, designs (everything from shoes to furniture) and is an award-winning, published but admittedly quite profoundly dreadful poet. CJ was named Creative Business Woman of the Year 2015 (KWIB Awards) and Rockabelly Lifecasts won Best Customer Service 2015 (KITA Awards) and is in the final of the 2017 KWIB Awards in no less than three categories (Customer Service, Creative Arts and Professional Achievement awards). In her spare time, CJ loves karaoke, watching classical ballet and haunting social media. CJ is also a fairly shoddy housewife and pretty lacklustre cook. She has refused point blank to iron anything since 1996 and she can't do anything even moderately presentable with her hair. But you can't have everything. 

André Masters

André Masters honed his creative skills working with every conceivable material as a professional modelmaker for the film and television industry since 1995. Running his own successful business in Hampshire, André created everything from robots, historical and fantasy armour, props, animatronics, sets and even puppets to an unparalleled standard. As part of his film career, André was self-taught in the art of lifecasting from a very early age and has worked with many international movie stars and pop musicians. What was consistent about Andre's creations was how often clients commented that they were impeccable works of art in their own right, far too good for the split seconds they might be seen on the big screen.  His desirable handmade work was frequently 'stolen' by the Hollywood A-listers who had used them on set, to be kept as lasting mementos or art pieces after the filming was complete. 

With such appreciation for his meticulous and beautiful workmanship coming so frequently, Andre's migration to the art world to work with his partner, CJ, was a natural and inevitable progression marking his desire to develop and express his own style and interpretation of popular artistic genres as well as the emotional satisfaction of creating personal works of art that are cherished so much by families and individuals. .

André is perhaps best known in the lifecasting world for his incredible collection of lifecasts of endangered animals. Created to both raise awareness of the plight of rare species and to create tactile teaching aids for blind and partially sighted children, The Endangered Species Collection was formed from an idea André had back in 1998 when he began working with Woburn Safari Park and Chessington World of Adventures on a series of animal casts including lions, tigers and primates. Fast forward 13 years and CJ joined him to continue the expansion of this unique and beautiful collection, most recently culminating in a display of interactive bronze artefacts at the new WWF Living Planet Centre in Woking, Surrey, opened by Sir David Attenborough. 

In 2013, André and CJ won the coveted 'International Rising Star Award' at the 3D Print Show for their sculpture 'Icarus had a Sister' (a combination of lifecasting, traditional sculpture and state of the art digital modelling and 3d printing based on an original design by André from 2004), which was displayed at the Carousel du Louvre, The Louvre Museum, in Paris. 2014 saw André pick up the Creative Business of the Year Award for Rockabelly's sister company, Masters and Munn, at the annual KITA Awards

Never being one to settle for just one label, Andre also takes commissions for, amongst other things, interior design, wearable art and from time to time works as a guest lecturer/moderator at some of the top art and media colleges and universities around the country to inspire and guide the next generation of artists. In 2015, André was invited to become an Associate Teacher of Art for the prestigious Benenden School for Girls, in Cranbrook, Kent, where he has been granted Enhanced DBS Clearance for working with children and immensely enjoyed the opportunity to pass on his passion for 3d art to some of the most capable students in the country. And if that weren't enough, in early 2016 André was head-hunted to work on a new Wes Anderson stop-frame animation feature film as Head of Department for the Puppet Hospital (which apparently is a real thing, and not just a made up job title). 

On the rare occasions André gets spare time, he enjoys scuba diving, rock climbing, and cooking without burning things. He has almost all his own teeth, but his hair is another matter. 

CJ & Andre's TV Appearances as lifecasting experts or featured artists:-

  • ITV's 'This Morning'
  • BBC Chelsea Flower Show
  • Channel 4's Supersize vs Superskinny
  • Watch's 'The Richard and Judy Show'
  • Sky Arts' 'Objects of Desire'
  • BBC News, ITV Meridian News
  • BBC's 'Boy Meets Girl'
  • BBC2's 'Worricker - Turks & Caicos'
  • BBC2's 'Show Me The Monet'
  • BBC3's 'Say No To The Knife'
  • ITV's 'The Alan Titchmarsh Show'
  • Discovery Channel's 'The Sex Hospital'
  • ITV's 'The Paul O'Grady Show'
  • BBC3's 'The Bachelor'
  • Channel 5's 'How To Have Sex After Marriage'
  • BBC1's 'Facelifts and Fillers'
  • Ch4's 'Finding My Twin Stranger'

In addition to regular TV appearances as guest experts and featured artists, André and CJ are regularly featured on local and national radio, various new media publications and national and international print media as guest experts in their field.