Intimate Lifecasts
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No need to feel embarrassed about checking this page out - it's the most popular of all our galleries, for some reason. It's certainly the question that everybody asks - is it possible to cast intimate/genital areas? The answer is yes, as long as you realise that the process itself is usually more funny than erotic. At present we do not usually cast male genitals unless as part of a larger art piece, but women are welcome to make an appointment with CJ.

Rockabelly Lifecasts unique and beautiful female genital casts were named one of the winners of the Amora Art competition in 2007. This was a national art competition for the best erotic art in Britain. The collection of six individual vulva casts were on display at Amora - The London Academy of Sex and Relationships, in Picadilly Circus, London from 2007-2008. CJ created the highly decorative erotic art known as 'The Designer Vaginas' as a response to the negativity she encountered about women's sexuality growing up in England. Having learned about her own body from medical cross-section diagrams that meant nothing and playground whispers or mocking scrawls on toilet walls, CJ wanted to create something to redress the balance and show women how unique, beautiful and fun their bodies are. Each one is created to suit the owner's personality and is a response either to the shape of the genitals themselves or as a result of conversations with the client to draw out their own celebratory feelings about their vulva, labia and vagina. It's not about disguising your natural beauty, but 'dressing up' and having fun, allowing yourself to look and be looked at too if you so wish, but in a safe and dignified manner. Sadly, the six original lifecast sculptures featured at Amora were stolen from the gallery after the gallery's insurance had lapsed, so if anyone sees them anywhere in the world, including other erotic art exhibitions/collections, please get in touch! They are fairly recognisable artworks and we'd love to return them to their rightful owners. There is a reward for information leading to their safe recovery.

CJ's female genital casting workshops are not only fun, but enlightening and educational. Even those who are confident with their bodies find out something new about themseves as they see themselves as a lover would for the very first time. Women attending the workshops often comment about 'feeling whole' or more complete afterwards - they no longer distance or disassociate themselves from their sexuality. Instead of shame and embarrassment they talk of 'walking with a spring in their step' afterwards. If you would like to organise a workshop for a group of women friends or associates, please get in touch. We also train women in female genital casting, if you would like to be able to take these skills back to your own women's group and pass them on.

For women who are curious but a bit nervous about the casting process, reading our FAQ on the subject may reassure you, along with the many testimonials we can show you from former clients who have experienced the same nerves and worries as you and been through the whole experience. You are not 'exposed' for very long, and CJ is happy to answer any questions you may still have after reading our FAQ.

For the guys, we are currently trying to source a new supplier of DIY penis casting kits up to our high quality production values, but you can currently find a variety on the market to experiment with. From these you can easily make your own cast in the privacy of home. As it's more important for men to feel confident about the 'pose' they are cast in, this is much more easily achieved in the home environment rather than a studio setting. However, men wishing to have their penis decorated in the same distinctive ornate fashion that Rockabelly Lifecasts has become famous for can return their casts to us for finishing and decoration with the same level of care, discretion and imagination with which we treat our female clients. We can recast genital lifecasts of either gender in more exotic materials such as glass, cold cast bronze, solid bronze or even hallmarked silver if your budget allows. Please note, we do not make rubber dildos, so please do not ask.

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